Pocheon Sudojang

symble_asterisk_gray.gif Junggok Dojang

symble_asterisk_gray.gif Yeoju Bonbu Dojang

symble_asterisk_gray.gif Jeju Suryeon Dojang

symble_asterisk_gray.gif Keumkangsan Toseong Suryeon Dojang




Construction of Pocheon Sudojang started on March 1992 and was completed on June 1992. The name of Seondan-Ri where this Sudojang is located originates from the legend that there was a sacred altar of worshipping gods. It is situated at the foot of Mt. Wangbang's southern side and it takes on a form of a god reading a book. It takes on religious significance to have a Sudojang at a historic site where worship was offered to heaven.

    Address : San 11-15, Seondan-Ri, Pocheon-Gun, Kyeonggi-Do.




square01_black.gif Yeongdae

This is The Holy Sanctuary where Sangje, Doju, and Dojeon who are the object of worship in Daesunjinrihoe are enshrined.






square01_black.gif Pojeongmun

It is the gate built with a symbolic meaning of unfurling the teachings of Sangje correctly.






square01_black.gif Sungdomun

The gate built for the purpose of exhorting people to uphold the teachings of Sangje and to enter with a pious mind.






square01_black.gif Jongeuiwon

The building where directors rally together and have meetings.






square01_black.gif Myeongsimdang

It is a place possessing a symbolic meaning of discarding personal desires to cleanse the mind.






square01_black.gif Teuksu Suryeonsil

A place for worshipping Sangje and purging of the mind.






square01_black.gif Seonjeongwon

A place with the meaning that we should propagate the teaching of Daesunjinrihoe correctly.






square01_black.gif Jonggogak

It is a belfry built in the unique style of the Orient and the bell is placed at the upper part and drum at its lower side.






square01_black.gif Noehwago

Creation, growth and moving of all things in the universe are by the virtue of Sangje. The sound of drum spreading from Noehwago contains the wish for extending Sangje's message of virtue and peace to the world.

Noehwago is a symbol of unity of god and man and it is beaten during major ceremonies of Daesunjinrihoe.