Jeju Suryeon Dojang


symble_asterisk_gray.gif Junggok Dojang

symble_asterisk_gray.gif Yeoju Bonbu Dojang

symble_asterisk_gray.gif Pocheon Sudojang

symble_asterisk_gray.gif Keumkangsan Toseong Suryeon Dojang


    Address : #1319-1, Nohyeong-dong, Jeju, Jeju Island

Construction for Jeju Suryeon Dojang which is located at Nohyeong-dong where spirit and energy of Mt. Halla converge started in January 1989 and finished in June of the same year. Nohyungdong has a meaning that 'a god weighs with a balance' and it is a traffic hub of Jeju. Jeju Suryeon Dojang bears a religious symbolism of spreading the truth of Daesunjinrihoe across the world and to resolve the deeply seated animosities and hatred of the people.





square01_black.gif Iljumun

It is the first gate on the way to Dojang.