Yeoju Bonbu Dojang


symble_asterisk_gray.gif Junggok Dojang

symble_asterisk_gray.gif Jeju Suryeon Dojang

symble_asterisk_gray.gif Pocheon Sudojang

symble_asterisk_gray.gif Keumkangsan Toseong Suryeon Dojang


Yeoju Dojang was completed in 1986 and expanded in 1990. To its north Gwangju Range is situated and commands Namhan River in its southern direction. The ground where Yeoju Dojang is situated takes a shape of ume tree fruition. In February 1993 it has been appointed as headquarters of Daesunjinrihoe.

       Address : #650-2, Gaya-Ri, Gangcheon-Myeon, Yeoju-Gun, Kyeonggi-Do




square01_black.gif Yeongdae

The Holly Sanctuary where the object of worship is enshrined. Left side of Yeongdae is Sibeobwon and right side is Sihagwon.






square01_black.gif Pojeongmun

This gate bears the command to propagate the precept of Daesunjinrihoe correctly.






square01_black.gif Ilgakmun

The gate symbolizes the enlightenment of Sangje's precept.






square01_black.gif Bonggangjeon

The Object of worship in Daesunjinrihoe and The Holy Spirits in charge of constellation and seasons are enshrined.






square01_black.gif Daesun Seongjeon

This is The Holly Sanctuary where life history of Sangje, Doju, Dojeon, the objects of worship in Daesunjinrihoe, are rendered into sacred pictures.








square01_black.gif Cheonggyetap

Cheonggyetap is the pagoda which symbolizes universe, nature and the principles of Daesunjinrihoe. Lotus flower at lower sides symbolizes the purity of Daesunjinrihoe's teachings. Roundness at 1st, 2nd and 3rd layers stand for perfection. Octagon at 4th, 5th and 7th layer stand for 24 solar terms. Rectangular forming from 7th to 13th layers signify constellation of the universe. The 9th layer at top with a shape of a cloud symbolizes heaven where Sangje resides.






square01_black.gif Sungdomun

The gate being built carrying the command that we should worship Sangje piously.






square01_black.gif Jeonggakwon

This building commands to have correct understanding about Daesunjinrihoe.






square01_black.gif Jeongsimwon

A building which is built for the purpose of serving as a symbolic atonement of setting mind uprightly for performing the teaching of Daesunjinrihoe.






square01_black.gif Jayangdang







square01_black.gif Jongmuwon

Jongmuwon is the office where all the religious affairs are performed.






square01_black.gif llnyeomgyo

The bridge which stands for absorption of the mind.






square01_black.gif Sinsaenghwalgwan







square01_black.gif Jonggogak

A bell on the top and at bottom drum is placed, meaning harmony and peace.






square01_black.gif Belfry

Daeweonjong at this belfry is the largest in Korea. Sound of this bell reaches out to all corners of the world.






square01_black.gif Daewonjong Bell

Embracing great wish of all the human beings, sound of this bell spreads to every nook and cranny of the world. Weight 27 ton, height: 4m; width: 2.3 m .






square01_black.gif Daesun Hoegwan

The conference hall for directors. It is a grand conference hall with 3,600 seats of theater style structure.






square01_black.gif Gwanridong