Social Welfare Service 

symble_asterisk_blue.gif Charitable Works

symble_asterisk_blue.gif Educational Works

1)  social service

    By engaging in protection of nature, establishment of traffic order, street cleaning, helping farmers in farming work, waging campaign for filial piety, Protection for missing children.... Daesunjinrihoe is trying to contribute to the welfare of society.



    2)  medical service

      Daesunjinrihoe attempts to reinstate a healthy society through offering reliefs and charity to unfortunate people and by instilling joy in rehabilitation.

      For the realization of a disease-free society, it opened Pundang Jesaeng Hospital. Dongduchon and Kosung Jesaeung Hospitals are currently under construction.

 dia_skyblue.gif  Bundang Jesaeng Hospital

  • Address : #255-2 Seohyeon-Dong, Bundang-Gu, Seongnam-City Gyeonggi-Do
  • Building : 8 floors above and 4 floor below ground
  • Number of beds : 450 beds
  • Opening Day : August 29, 1998


dia_skyblue.gif  Dongducheon Jesaeng Hospital

  • Address : San 27, Jihaeng-Dong, Dongducheon-City, Gyeonggido
  • Building : 21 floors above and 4 floor below ground
  • Number of beds : 1,480 beds
  • The day of ground breaking : January 27, 1995


  dia_skyblue.gif  Goseong Jesaeng Hospital

  • Address : San 84, Bongpo-Ri, Toseong-Myeon, Goseong-Gun, Gangwon-Do
  • Building : 10 floors above and 3 floor below ground
  • Number of beds : 500 beds